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  • PVC mould double cavities
PVC mould double cavities

PVC mould double cavities

PVC mould double cavities

Why choose KSMOLD PVC mould double cavities 


1, High quality 3Cr17 stainless steel material  or Din1.2316 germany steel for pvc extrusion mould. 


2, Specification :one die head + 3x240 calibration + 2x2000mm stainless water tank or longer length as your required 


3, Use an overall flowing path core support structure technology for mould production 


4, Use 2nd generation removable locating pin devices;


5, Inside channel all did mirron polishing 


6, Easy to assemble and disassemble.

&, Lead time : 35 days 

9, we accept flexible payment terms  

10, we offer sample / product production for your moulds if you need urgent for sampling showcase 

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